Tessin Group Asia

Tessin Group Asia was registered in Hong Kong in 2014, with the registered capital of US$20 million and the financing license from Kazakh national bank.

Tessin Group Asia is an experienced international online crowdfunding platform. We are committed to seeking potential crowdfunding projects around the world as well as bringing risk-free returns to clients through our professional data analysis and strict risk control mechanism. At present, Tessin has deployed crowdfunding networks in many countries and regions around the world, providing powerful capital support for small and medium-sized enterprises and a safe, efficient and profitable crowdfunding trading platform for investors.

Tessin Group Asia

Corporate Philosophy


With a belief in providing an open, safe and high return trading solution, our mission is to create a popular and profitable online crowdfunding platform.


Through the online crowdfunding platform, we hope to remove the barriers in the traditional crowdfunding industry. Our vision is to become the world’s top online crowdfunding platform and revolutionize the crowdfunding trading market.

Our Expertise

Crowdfunding Experts

7 Years of Experience in Crowdfunding

With all the technology and 7 years of experiences, Tessin Group Asia had perfected the crowdfunding platform with these 4 key factor.

Online Investment Platform 100%
Fund Raising License 100%
Invest with USDT 100%
No Latent Service Charge 100%

Tessin Milestones


Tessin Group Asia was established in Hong Kong, its main business is real estate investment management for enterprises


Started to expand the real estate management business to the retail market, and collaborated with personal and family office


Set up a crowdfunding department to allow institutions or individuals to participate in the ecological cycle of Tessin Group Asia’s property acquisition as soon as possible


Obtained cryptocurrency crowdfunding license




Robert Palmer

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Palmer is the CEO of Tessin Group Asia and holds an MBA from Yale University. Palmer has exhibited a strong passion for real estate from a young age. So he decided to work in the real estate industry. In response to the current situation of the potential housing market, Palmer founded Tessin. He hopes to help global entrepreneurs out of financing difficulties through a professional crowdfunding platform.


Joel Chadwick

Chief Operation Officer

Joel Chadwick, who has been with Tessin since its inception, holds a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Malta. After graduating, he worked as a marketing consultant at Yahoo. Due to his outstanding operational ability and extensive real estate industry experience, Chadwick was promoted to the position of Chief Operation Officer. He is responsible for Tessin’s legal affairs, back-office management, operational risk management and payments business.


Asher Tomin

Chief Investment Officer

Asher Tomin was appointed Tessin’s Chief Investment Officer in 2020. Before his appointment, he was Head of Asia, based in Hong Kong. Mr Asher joined Tessin in 2015 and held various roles in the Economics and Strategy Department, where he was involved in global economics, investment strategy and asset allocation work and the REITs Department, where he managed an Asia regional Reits portfolio. Mr Asher brought the necessary skills required to strengthen existing investment management processes and ultimately deliver the right client outcomes by leveraging the group’s capabilities.


Jonathan Corbel

Real Estate Technology & Research Director

Jonathan Corbel joined Tessin Group Asia in 2015 to manage the company’s real estate technology and research division. Corbel, who developed an acclaimed secure real estate trading system for Tessin, believes that one of his top priorities is to ensure that his clients’ transaction is safe and secure.


Earl Perry

Real Estate Investment Adviser

As a core member of the Tessin Group Asia, Earl Perry is an expert in mathematics and finance who serves as an investment adviser to Tessin Group Asia, providing the company with expertise in real estate investment.


Penelope Burke

Real Estate Customer Development Manager

Penelope Burke got involved in the real estate industry at a young age and has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience. With strong enthusiasm and professional analysis capacity, she can acquire significant number of potential customers for the company.


Camila Reyes

Real Estate Market Development Director

With sharp insights into the real estate market, Camila Reyes can predict market trends accurately. In her three years as the Real estate Market development director at Tessin, Camila Reyes has developed several potential markets around the world, bringing in high profits for the company