Why Choose Tessin?

How Tessin provide you the best platform


High standard trading security mechanism and perfect fund recovery system to remove the fear of poor fund management and prevent fraud, providing you with safe and risk-free trading.


Tessin provides clients with a  user-friendly system. You only need to register new account then fund in USDT and  participate in the desired project to get return.


With a 24/7 operation system, your transactions will be processed quickly with our efficient platform.

High profits

For each crowdfunding project invested by the client, a certain percentage of profits can be obtained. Clients can receive a certain percentage of profits by investing each crowdfunding project. The more amount you invest, the more profits you can receive.

Step by Step

Proven Processes

Loan application

The project provider will apply for a loan and provide background information

Preliminary risk assessment

Analyze with the project provider

Preliminary trading meeting

Further negotiations on the results of the analysis

Operational and compliance due diligence

The operations team will conduct operational due diligence

Final decision of the meeting

The analysis results and due diligence results of the project were presented at the meeting

The project is launched on the platform

Project officially launched


4 Key Reason to join Tessin

Online Secured 24/7 Investment Platform

Kazakhstan National Bank Fund Raising License

Invest with USDT

No Latent Service Charge